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In order for this site to work properly and to improve your browsing experience, this page must store a small amount of data on your computer, or access these already stored data (so-called cookie files or "cookies"). Over 90% of all Internet pages use this practice, but according to the regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union we are obliged to ask for your privilege before saving the cookies. By using this website you agree to use 'cookies'. By blocking "cookies" you can still browse the page, but some of its features will not be available to you.

What are cookies?

Cookie (cookie – hereinafter: “cookie(s)” represent the information that the Web site which the User visits stores on User’s computer. Cookies usually store User’s settings and Web site settings like preferred language or address. After the User visits the same Web site again, the Browser resends that Web site’s cookies. This allows the Web site to display information tailored to the User’s needs.

To ensure that the Web site works properly, further enhancements and improvements of User’s browsing experience, the Web site stores a small amount of information (cookies) on the User’s computer.

By using Web sites without changing the settings to withhold the consent to store cookies on the User’s computer, the User agrees to the use and storage of cookies on his computer. If the User does not agree to store cookies, the storage of cookies on his computer will be disabled, but the User will still be able to browse the Web site, although some of its functions will not be available to him.

How does use cookies?

Web site can use and store cookies on the User’s device. We use cookies to find out when and how the User uses Web site, all in order to improve user experience, personalise content and provide more relevant advertisement to the User. We use cookies for few purposes. We use cookies called “Essential cookies” in order to enable the normal functioning of web site, content overview and satisfy all technical prerequisites for the web site’s normal running. Cookies that are not essential, but greatly influence user experience at are called “Statistical cookies”. They allow us to track and analyse traffic on the web site so we can find out how efficient our marketing activities are or in what manner is the web site being used.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are necessary for normal display and running of the web site. They enable full display of the website, its contents and all its functions to the User. Considering that these Cookies are necessary for the web site’s functioning, they cannot be disabled on the web site itself, but the User can delete or block them in the settings of his web browser.

Statistical cookies

Web site uses Statistical cookies to track the overall traffic and analyse how Users use the web site. For example, we gather and analyse information about visits to the web site, filled out forms, time spent on some subpages of, devices used and internet browsers, geographic locations, manner of use and User behaviour on the web site. Additionally, Statistical cookies are also used to analyse the efficiency of marketing activities. Information gathered based on these cookies helps us with web site optimisation for the purpose of improving User experience.

Can cookies be disabled?

Managing or disabling cookies is possible in Cookie settings, and it refers to the Statistical and Marketing cookies, while the Essential cookies are managed through the User’s internet browser settings.

For information on cookie settings, select the internet browser you are using.

If you disable cookies, you will not be able to use some of the functionality on the web site.

The user can still browse and use the web site if the storage of cookies is disabled or blocked, but there is a possibility that certain options or functions of the web site won’t be available.

What kind of cookies does use?

Some cookies are removed from your computer by closing the Internet browser. They use temporary websites to store temporary data such as: LANG_TAG, PHPSESSID, PH_HPXY_CHECK, cookies_enabled

If you use our website without changing your browser settings, we will assume that you agree to receive all cookies from our web site. Most browsers offer the ability to delete individual cookies, including cookies from our web site.

There are external services that can save limited cookies to a user. These cookies have not been saved by this site or are stored in order for the external service to be linked to the page and serve normal functionality of displaying some functionality and / or tracking statistics. External services used on this page set specific cookies such as map view, font display, and the like: 1P_JAR /, APISID /, HSID /, NID /, SID /, SIDCC /

Which data does gather with cookies?

In order to store and use cookies gathers and processes the following User’s data: IP address, web site use and data about the User’s behaviour and habits.

Where to find more information about cookies?

If you have additional questions about cookies or how the web site gathers and uses the cookies, please contact us at

Last amendment: 01.07.2023.